Meet our leadership

Our strong leadership team helps to shape our company and guide our future. Our team is the framework upon which our company culture is built. At AESI, we’ve maintained steady growth by building on integrity, quality, and relationships.

  • Loreto Sarracini, P.Eng.


    Almost 40 years of experience working directly for a vertically integrated utility and with generation, transmission, distribution, and operations utilities. Expertise in Power System Operations, EMS/SCADA, NERC Compliance (CIP and Non-CIP), and Operational Management.

  • Doug Westlund, MBA, P.Eng.

    Senior Vice President

    Greater than 30 years of experience in communications and cyber security in the utility and telecommunications markets. Doug is a recognized industry leader in cyber security for electric power utilities.

  • Joel Charlebois, P.Eng.

    Vice President, Regulatory Compliance

    Greater than 10 years' experience assisting electric utilities across North America to understand and meet their NERC compliance obligations within the context of their regional or provincial regulatory frameworks through assessments, governance development, training, and sustainment services.

  • Edvard Lauman, P.Eng.

    Vice President, Cyber Security & Operational Technology

    Greater than 10 years' experience at a large transmission utility and with electric power utilities and municipal clients spanning Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), including cyber security and NERC CIP compliance.

  • Toula Campbell Beris

    Vice President Finance & Operations

    Greater than 15 years of experience in Finance and Business Operations in various industries, responsible for the development and implementation of management methodologies to enhance the organization’s strategic goals for growth and profitability.

  • Don Robinson, P.Eng.

    Founder & Chairman

    Founder and Chairman, still contributes today, bringing more than 40 years' engineering and business management experience.

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